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About us



With those words, we bring you Redrebs, a global range of luxury fashion in all sizes grand.

The Redrebs Tribe was born of the idea of rebellion against the current status quo. We are pushing past luxury and directional fashion being confined within the exclusive enclaves of the minute.

We have moved heaven and earth so that in your world, there never is a time when you have to change your choice because of some insignificant inches.  

With a team of highly experienced fashion and luxury industry professionals on board, we work closely with both luxury and cutting edge independent designers. This enables us to bring you collections that compliment all aspects of your lifestyle..

We only care about chic. So that every curve is appreciated we have for you every proud size from 12 to 32. Fashion is your prerogative, and should never be compromised by a number.

To make sure you rock the world in every way you want, we create and curate only the most spectacular from the fashion cosmos. Celebrate your curves with the labels that your style desires 

Should you feel the need to know about anything that ups your oomph, you can browse through The Style Curve’, our blog where everyone who is someone in the lifestyle and fashion circle fills you in with the hottest trends, season after season. 

The days of 'have to' are over. 

Burn the baggy, shred the boring and let them covet your curves.

Style isn’t measured by inches!

This is just the beginning of the Redrebs Revolution.