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Super Chores that treat the mind the body!

Just like designer fashion, it’ll leave you feeling amazing!

Not everyone likes to workout but most certainly, all of us could use some sweat-breaking and productive activities. So, don’t hit the gym if you don’t want to. It is fine if you have two left feet. All we are saying is spend some time engaging in these therapeutic activities that get your body moving and leave you feeling awesome.


#1 Wash your car

If there is ever a chore that eats up your calories, it is this one! Give your machine a wash this weekend. It makes you sweat, it is fun and it saves you some bucks. Lo, we just made washing your car the most amazing chore on earth!

#2 Give your room a new look

You try stylish plus size clothing, every season. Why deprive your room of a new setting, a new look? As winter is knocking on our door, pick a day, play your favorite music and get to work. Push the table to the other end of the room (works legs and core), spread a rug on the floor (works the abs) and drag in an indoor plant (works the hams). By the time you are done, your room would look fabulous and you would feel great.


#3 Plan a ‘green’ date

This one figures in many people’s hobbies. For those who have stayed away from this one, well, think again. Healthy plants is just one of its advantages. When you squat all the way to the ground, your legs and your core work harder than you can imagine. The result- your lawn is praised as is your bod, over a period of time.


#4 Take your poodle out

This one is a win-win for your dog and you. If you can manage it twice a day, meaning once in the morning and once in the evening, nothing like it. Being outside is a great way to re-energize.  New ideas, new insights and new people, it opens the door to so many wonderful things. That you earn your dog’s affection as well as amazing legs are just some of its benefits!


#5 Give the walls a new color

It doesn’t matter why you want those walls painted as long as you are painting them. It not only gives a new life to the walls, it makes you sweat and is almost like a boot camp for arms and core. Just the way you pick designer accessories for yourself, pick out some new stuff for your room. A reading lamp, a new bookshelf, and even wall art is a great idea! As you make room for all this new stuff, stay hydrated. It is going to leave you exhausted and feeling wonderful.