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All set for Xmas? Not without these items!

List of designer fashion clothing and accessories you must not leave behind.
One Christmas to the next one is universally the longest yet the most delightful wait. Thank goodness it is that time of the year again when carols, wreathes and Santa announce the end of year and beginning of a warm and cozy holiday season. Ticket reservations are done but packing? Always the last thing we do. Well, good for you because we are just in time with this list of items that you HAVE TO pack to enjoy your Xmas in style.
Woolen Poncho
If you don’t own one, you better get one now! There are so many interesting ways you can wear a poncho and it doesn’t even weigh half as much as a woolen coat. You can wear it with a long sleeved shirt and jeans if it isn’t freezing where you are. You can slip it over a woolen dress and gather it around your waist with a stylish belt. Pick one with a hood for extra warmth and style!
Leather Satchel
Spacious and sturdy, a leather satchel can make your life so easy! The best part is it goes with every outfit. If you are pear-shaped, then go for a satchel that reaches somewhere between your waist and your hips. The reason – it will make the top half of your body appear bigger and create a balance. If you have a straight body and you are tall, go for a round leather satchel instead of a rectangular or a square one. If you are short, pick a long rectangular leather satchel.
Courtesy - The Leather Satchels.Co
Long dress
A long dress preferably in a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle is a must. We have our old friend black but grey, moss green, tan and deep red would be a great choice, too! Remember to keep one in solid color. That way you can create a lot of combinations. As we have mentioned - layering is hot this season. So, you can wear a turtleneck under your dress, pick a scarf and get ready to explore new places. Or else, throw your poncho over this dress to feel comfortable and look gorgeous! 
Picture Courtesy: Rochelle Johnson (Follow her on Instagram @iambeauticurve)
Fur Hat
You need a fur hat for added oomph (and also for bad hair days!) It is a crime to leave it behind this Christmas vacation! Go for a fluffy beauty in tan or grey Ushanka. Black is not a bad idea but black fur hat might look like a black wig in disarray from distance. If you are willing to take that risk or you’re confident it won’t interfere with your style, go right ahead!
Big, bold earrings
This year dictates that the earrings be as big and as noticeable as possible. So, pick one conspicuous affair for your Christmas vacation, keeping in mind the Xmas spirit. You can pick luxury accessories to go with the clothes you have packed. As long as it is shouting for attention, we say it goes in your bag.