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Twist to Espradrilles

ORI & OCCI was born in Paris of a French and a Spanish entrepreneur, Leo Achache and Alicia Placer, who dreamt to revive a classical fashion item of their two cultures with a modern twist. ORI & OCCI is dedicated to turn the espadrille into a l


uxurious item of the every day life, using the highest quality materials such as suede, organic calf, natural linen and ecological jute. Each pair is lined with a breathable skin friendly sole, making ORI & OCCI espadrilles very comfortable and durable.
Inspired by the summer shoes from the French Riviera and the Spanish Mediterranean coast of the 50s, ORI & OCCI combines innovative and audacious designs with an absolute respect for the manufacturing tradition. This is why ORI & OCCI espadrilles are handcrafted in Spain by local artisans, in very much the same way they have been since the fourteenth century. ORI & OCCI has a limited annual production in order to ensure the highest quality of our handmade craftsmanship, making each pair unique. More than 400 years have helped perfect the craftsmanship in order to produce a superb version of the timeless espadrille, capturing the essence of modern casual chic.