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LANKKA, The Voice Of New Women...

Born out of a bespoke atelier beloved by a handful of private clients, LANKKA has since evolved into a ready-to-wear label for independent, successful women with a creative streak. Known for impeccable tailoring as well as for use of colors and distinctive prints, we’re a modern company steeped in old world sensibility. A mother-daughter team, Lana (previously at Donna Ricco, Tibi, Rebecca Taylor) oversees creative direction and design, while entrepreneurial daughter Kat manages business growth and brand direction.

We started by simply making the clothing we wanted to wear, and found kindred spirits in like-minded customers. Our line is proudly designed and produced in a historic Industry City in Brooklyn, NY. We are a little obsessed with expert craftsmanship and want to ensure our clothes stand the test of time. Patterns are made and cut by hand, and our small team of expert sewers completes each garment from start to finish.