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5 Fashion trends you must recreate this fall!

Everything in luxury plus size fashion that will sweep you off your feet

The winter fashion tale is here and it is loud with floral twists and metallic turns. Here are our five picks from what’s hot this fall. Feast your eyes then treat your wardrobe to some plus size luxury, of course, not without our word!

 #1 If it’s off-the-shoulder, it is bang on!

Be it woolen tops or dresses, make room for lots of off-the-shoulder in your closet. That’s not only because we loved off-the shoulder by Rebecca Minkoff and Hellessy in NYFW, 2016 but also because of its versatility! As casual as it seems, an off-the-shoulder can pass off as corporate when teamed with a pair of skinny jeans, a blazer and heels. All set to party after work? Just keep a pair of shorts and sandals in your bag and get ready to set the evening on fire. Pair it with A-line skirts or layer it with a full-sleeved top, there are so many amazing possibilities to create! Out for a cup of coffee with friends? Pick a choker, a floppy hat and a pair of combat boots to make heads turn. All those who love high-waist jeans, wear it with an off-the-shoulder and ankle boots. If you are looking for something more casual, go with a denim skirt and a pair of sneakers. It can be everything that you want it to be and that’s why you must stock up on them big time!


Picture Courtesy - Ashley Graham (Follow her on Instagram @theashleygraham)


#2 Team it all with Turtlenecks

Comfy and chic, turtlenecks are here to up your oomph. So, pick a couple in solid colors on your next stop at a luxury plus size shop. There are so many ways you can style this brilliant piece of clothing. You can throw one in under a plaid overcoat or layer it with a dress of your choice just like the models walking in creations by Karen Walker and Tory Burch in the NYFW 2016. That turtlenecks aren’t for women of all shapes and sizes isn’t true! It is tricky, yes, but that shouldn’t stop you! Love turtlenecks? We say, you go, girl! If you are worried about making your upper torso bulky (classic turtleneck paranoia) then just drop the cropped length. Instead, pick a long turtleneck to add length to your torso. Wondering what to do if you think you have a ‘short neck’? Just make sure not to wear long earrings and go with a bun instead of leaving your hair open. It will take away the bulk from the neck area and leave you looking like a sight in a turtleneck!


 Picture Courtesy - Ragini Nag Rao (Follow her on Instagram @kittehinfurs)


#3 Suit Up before you step out

It is a wonderful comeback for Pantsuits and we couldn’t be happier! Not just chic and confident, they are bold, naughty and corporate, too!  J. Crew, Zimmermann, and Cristian Siriano presented pantsuits in many lights and we have just one thing to say - you have got to pick one,if not more! Go for tan, yellow or dusty pink, some of the colors that are in vogue this fall. Make it brighter and more casual by wearing a crop top in solid with a set of striped pant and suit. While heels work just fine, sneakers are a great idea, too! You can even choose a vest and a matching pant with sandals to create a bold, casual look. If tight fitting tops are not your thing then pick a loose top and a pair of pencil heels to do the glam walk. Or do something totally crazy. You can’t go wrong with a pantsuit, neither at work nor at a party!


  Picture Courtesy - Gabi Gregg (Follow her on Instagram @gabifresh)


#4 Jazz it up with Fur

Real as well as faux, fur is everywhere. Not just in bright bold colors, even in prints and it is a smashing fall trend for it is every bit as fashionable as you want it to be and absolutely cozy, too! That’s why there are predictions of it being a super duper hit with the street-style crowd! So, get set to walk out into the city, donning some fur and looking fabulous! Spotted at NYFW 2016, floral fur by Michael Kors was quite the sight as was J. Crew’s cotton candy coat. So, go ahead and pair a fur coat with cigarette pants and pumps. If you are more inclined towards flared bottoms then make sure to pick a waist length fur coat. Not just clothing, even stoles, caps and headgear are in fur. So, make sure to set your hands on some fur as soon as you can. After all, it’s the order of this season!


  Picture Courtesy - Chastity Garner Valentine (Follow her on Instagram @garnerstyle)


#5 And the verdict is FLORAL!

There are flowers for every reason. Well, we have floral print for this season, thanks to a lot of designers who sprinkled flowers pretty much everywhere! Needless to say, keep an eye open for sweeping dresses, skirts and even sweatshirts in floral print! Although a bright floral trouser with a solid color shirt is a fabulous thing to do, too! Here is some good news – there is a floral pattern for every body shape and type. So, if you are pear-shaped, you must pick a busy top in floral pattern and wear it with black pants. Other ways of embracing floral is by picking an empire-waist dress or a top that is ruffled and a pair of jeans that is straight-leg. Heavy on the top! Go with a floral bottom and some designer accessories and you are good to go! The only thing on your mind would be how to tackle the attention that is coming your way! Now, who could possibly mind that?

 Picture Courtesy - Tanesha Awasthi (Follow her on Instagram @girlwithcurves)