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DaRousso! Pioneers of Eco-Fashion Artistry


DaRousso is a pioneer in terms of fashion design. It appeared in 2008 and made its kick-start at the Athens Xclusive Designers Week by winning the Best Catwalk Award. Ever since DaRousso is evolving and growing into a name which stands for innovation in terms of design approach and its mission to give deeper meaning to fashion.

DaRousso is operating according to the FAIR TRADE policy, supporting small local producers and local economy. Furthermore, the design approach takes in consideration the negative side effects of the production process in fashion industry and aims to find more eco-friendly solutions in order to minimize those side effects and make fashion production less harmful to nature and to human. 

DaRousso supports the ZERO WASTE design approach and by pioneering prototype cut designs reduces the production waste to zero which means maximum usage of material and almost no waste. 

The Art Wear Collection:

``Exclusive and Unique Collection of new age fashion inspired by the art of living.``

The Artwear line features collaborations with different artists in creating limited edition collections under the brand name DaRousso. For the fist time the line brings a set of designs for summer 2016. The first collaboration of this kind features Rania Remoundou, an artist and designer with love for painting, who paints each piece by hand. Every single design is unique, produced on sheer silk and silk-cotton fabrics and features the artists passion and skill. The motifs depict summer in an abstract sense presented as they were seen trough prism of water and wind. The palette features different shades of blue, yellow, purple, black and other colors which mix and react between themselves guided by the gifted hand of the artist. The amazing result takes us to a brand new concept of summer, that transfers the idea of beauty to a whole new level and gives life to DaRousso's mission statement in a different way. This amazing collaboration results in producing a limited range of oversized scarfs, tops, blouses and dresses which include zero waste pattern designs continuing the brands attempt to create fashion without pollution in form of garbage and leftovers which are created in the production chain of each design. Most of the collection feature new philosophy in pattern cutting which bring the ecology to a whole new level together with offering a set of lifetime quality designs which also adjust to the wearers body and its changes over time.